Innovation and continued growth are the key themes driving the Marco business forward. As we approach the end of the year, Jeff Kerridge, sales manager at Marco, discusses the major developments to define the business across the 12 months and what that means for customers, current and new:

“Marco has and continues to pride itself on its refusal to stand still and become complacent. Product development has always formed an important part of the business, be it the launch of new products, creation of supporting accessories or adaptations of existing products. Our ability to listen, digest and react undoubtedly sets us apart from our competitors and we are undeniably a customer driven business.

“The last 12 months has seen the launch of a series of new products that will support our customers in meeting their specifications and challenges on site.  Each design has been developed to address a very specific challenge, providing a simple and accessible solution. The first of these is the new G-shape wire tray which has been created for use in under desk cable management and above suspended ceilings for service containment in small voids.”

The unique shape of the tray allows for both wall and ceiling mounting, and reduces the need for suspension brackets by being directly fixed to a solid surface using MCCL or MCCL25 clamp plates. Available in four widths, the tray can be easily installed and modified on site, by one person fabricating bends using the same accessories used for Marco’s standard tray. The product has chamfered ends to protect cables during installation allowing power and data cables to be easily installed and added from the side.

Jeff continued: “The G-Shape tray has been designed following feedback from contractors, and will be particularly beneficial in confined spaces.”

Adding further to the expanding product group is the Cavity-Floor Box. Designed as a power and data outlet for raised-floor applications, the floor box is able to house a large number of accessories and outlets being ideal for use in open plan office environments offering versatile and flexible floor space. Three and four compartment variations are available, with both versions coming in three depths; 70mm, 100mm and 130mm. The floor boxes come with pre-punched knockouts to accept all types of conduit for ease of use.  Installation is further enhanced by the inclusion of two cable exit outlets providing access, integral moulded lifting handle and four spring fixing-clips.

Marco has also launched its ‘Quik-Clik’ steel wire cable tray which is supplied with a pre-attached, new design coupler (MCFJC), enabling two lengths of tray to be fixed securely together without the need for any nuts and bolts or additional fixing tools.  The new Quik-Clik tray is available in 55mm and 106mm depths, in both electro-zinc and pre-galvanised finishes.  The new, innovative design MCFJC accessory, couples in less than two seconds and can be removed and reattached, ensuring that once the tray is cut to size, the coupler is still functional.  As well as being supplied pre-attached to the new Quik-Clik steel wire cable tray, the MCFJC coupler can also be ordered as a separate item, and is compatible with Marco’s new G-Shape tray.

Jeff continued:  “Specifying this product does require a certain amount of preplanning and preparation but the overall savings in terms of time are significant. Since launch reaction to the products has been incredibly positive. We need to be in tune with our customers’ needs where speed and ease of installation is key. If we can save even a few seconds for example on each fixing, that saving can be quite dramatic overall.”

Jeff added: “This is a really exciting time for the business. Throughout our history, we’ve worked extremely hard to develop and fine-tune our business model, continually investing in people and machinery to ensure that our products, processes and infrastructure are of the highest standard. This has undoubtedly paid off for us and we are now in a really strong position as a UK market leader.

He concluded: “Marco’s evolution continues and we will continue to invest in the business, its products and its people in order to remain best in class. Today we are a confident and robust business that remains cautiously optimistic approaching the future with a steady and confident pace.”