FLIR Systems AB has completed its relocation to a brand new purpose built factory north of Stockholm in Sweden. The move has allowed FLIR to optimise production and to create a customer focused environment.

The production area of the new facility occupies 10,000m2 of the overall 19,000m2 site. Rickard Lindvall is the site manager of FLIR Systems thermography operation. He explained, “At our old site in Danderyd our operation spanned three buildings. Now everything is consolidated in one big building and this has enabled us to increase our manufacturing efficiency and build dedicated customer areas.”

The site, for example, includes a huge reception area that provides the facilities for customers to try out every thermal imaging camera product in the FLIR range. The service centre has also been optimised to handle the increasing volumes that require routine calibration maintenance.

Research and development facilities have also been given a high priority at the new site. The continuous development of both its hardware and software products is critical to FLIR Systems and it is a process for which the company allocates up to ten percent of its annual revenue.