Flexicon protects M6 communication infrastructure

May 21, 2015 | Cables and Accessories

Flexicon’s flexible conduit will help keep the traffic flowing on one of the busiest sections of the M6 motorway through Birmingham by protecting power and data cabling for overhead gantries and CCTV cameras.

On behalf of Highways England, who is implementing a hard shoulder running scheme between junctions 5 and 8, contractor’s Carillion is using the 63mm diameter LPC flexible conduit for three purposes.  First it will route cables from ground level to the cable trough in the bridge deck on the viaduct above.  From here the cables will be routed through a parapet into the gantries and CCTV cameras. 

Carillion will also use the conduit to provide cross carriageway ducts from one side of the viaduct to the other, a distance of about 35m.  These duct routes provide a continuous cable route from the existing infrastructure to new structures, so there is no need to access underneath or above the viaduct for any recabling.

Dalvier Chana construction manager for Carillion said:  “By having the cable routed in continuous ducts, it will allow future replacement or upgrading of cables without having to work at height over the side or underneath the viaduct.”

Flexicon Protects M6 Communication Infrastructure

Reliability and long life was a key requirement for conduit since it needs to protect the cabling from UV degradation and water ingress plus potential theft or vandalism.  The cable ducts need to have a lifetime of at least 15 years.  The LPC conduit supplied is UV resistant and has an IP rating of IP66, IP67 and IP68.

As Flexicon is a UK manufacturer it can offer its customers tailored solutions.  For this project the conduit was supplied cut to length to save the customer installation time on site.

Said Tim Creedon, sales and marketing director for Flexicon; “When considering cable protection for long term projects such as this, it is vital to consider all of the hazards faced and specify accordingly.  With 52 different conduit systems to choose from, in both metallic and non metallic options, we have a solution for almost any situation.”