Flex Connectors’  flex7 lighting connection and control System was recently installed over 6 floors at 4 Carlton Gardens, London.  The system was designed by Stinton Jones Consulting Engineers LLP and installed by Contractor Langley Electrical of Harlow. Flex Connectors were selected for the project due to their user friendly design, quick installation time and the fact that they do not require any commissioning.

flex7 controls were networked to provide a global On/Off per floor. The controls are programmed to monitor the levels of daylight in a room, and dim the lights down when natural light is sufficient. When the room is unoccupied lights will automatically switch off after a pre-set timeout. This ensures that unnecessary energy usage is kept to a minimum at all times.

The building lies within a conservation area, and has much historical significance. It served as headquarters for General Charles de Gaulle during World War 2, who set up the Free French Forces Headquarters there in 1940. It was awarded a blue plaque in 1984 to commemorate their use of the building. Another plaque outside the building details the historic radio broadcast he gave upon first arriving in Britain.

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