Five retailers within the Westfield Group’s Stratford City shopping centre have selected solutions from Morley-IAS by Honeywell.

Mobile phone provider O2, jeweller Frazer Hart, high street fashion retailers Hobbs and Fashion Rocks and home textile and towel provider Ozbilec have all opted for the Morley-IAS 1-loop addressable system to ensure fire safety.

The businesses required a solution which would integrate fully with the landlord’s existing system covering the entire shopping centre complex, situated in the gateway to the London 2012 Olympic Park. Key in the decision to choose Morley-IAS in each case was its flexibility in protecting the shop floor, stock room and office areas.

Each store had similar requirements in specifying a Morley-IAS fire safety solution. As part of this when an individual store was in alarm the main system would be automatically alerted. This would then ensure that the affected store would be quickly identified centrally, all with the appropriate phased response. Equally, when the main centre system was in alarm, stores would be alerted immediately.

Morley-IAS distribution partner, High Security Group, has designed and installed the system in the new stores across the site. “We have many years’ specialist experience in the retail sector,” said managing director Rob Blair, “and we believe that Morley-IAS solutions are perfectly suited to the needs of trade environments such as those retailers in the Stratford City shopping centre.”