Finding a solution with Powertecnique

Jun 4, 2015 | UPS & Standby Power

The world’s largest research-based pharmaceutical company has upgraded its UPS (uninterruptible power supply) system to support the critical communications network at one of its sites. Critical power specialist, Powertecnique, installed its new Maxsis XR so that the centre can benefit from the equipment’s modular capabilities and energy efficiencies.

The Maxsis XR has been installed with a 100kVA frame. It currently supports 40kVA made up of two 20kVA modules, and a four-hour battery. Peter Chai-Tsai, sales and marketing director, explained: “We had an existing contract to support the generators on site and were recently called in to look at supporting the load on the server room.”

The Maxsis XR offers a large selection of frame sizes to allow customers to be specific with requirements. Chai-Tsai continued, “Our engineers supplied a modular system so that the UPS could be moved to support another building at a later stage if needs be, as the design brief highlighted this as a key requirement. As the system is modular and only contains 40kVA at present, it is possible to add in more power, or more redundancy, as and when needed. Similarly if the system needs downgrading at all, it is easy to facilitate.”

The equipment is supported by Powertecnique’s remote monitoring software, PowerVue, which allows Powertecnique engineers to remotely diagnose and fix any potential problems that may occur on site, even before the on-site facilities team is aware.