Fire protection company Fike has gained LPCB approval for all detectors and panels in its new two wired TwinflexPro range. LPCB approval is granted only after extensive third party testing and provides specifiers, installers and end users with complete assurance that the approved products meet, and will continue to meet, the requirements of EN54.

Fike’s LPCB approvals for TwinflexPro products complement the approvals the company already holds for addressable alarm sounders and strobes, addressable ASDs and manual call points.

John Bosworth, managing director of Fike, said, “LPCB approval for fire protection products is very important as fire systems are crucial to life safety, and all of those involved with them have a duty of care to ensure that the highest standards are always observed. Using LPCB approved products is an important step in confirming that this duty of care has been properly addressed. And LPCB approvals are not just relevant to the UK and Europe – they’re widely recognized, and in some cases obligatory, in countries around the world.”

In the UK, the use of third party approved fire protection products is currently only a recommendation, but this situation is expected to change during 2013 with LPCB or equivalent third party approvals becoming mandatory. This impending change has important implications for systems currently being designed and installed because if non-approved products are used, this may create difficulties if extensions or modifications are needed after approvals become mandatory.