Extended five year warranty provides extra piece of mind

Sep 22, 2014 | Cables and Accessories

Legrand has introduced a new five year warranty for its Zucchini LB Plus busbar range, providing an additional three years’ peace of mind for specifiers and contractors.

The move comes as the company celebrates five years since its power distribution business was first launched and reflects Legrand’s confidence in the product’s design and robust quality.

Ideal for use in warehousing, retail, office, hospital and production facilities, the Zucchini LB Plus lighting and power busbar range includes busbars from 25 to 63 Amp and offers both excellent performance and ease of installation of power for lighting and low power applications.

Spanning capabilities enable supports to be spaced as far apart as seven metres with a variety of brackets for ceiling, wall or floor mounting. 

A high specification double sided version is available that contains a metallic barrier to mechanically segregate the circuits on either side of the bar, increasing circuit integrity and safety.

The range includes 10 and 16 Amp tap offs, secured to the bar with a twist lock. Tap off plugs are fitted with spring clamp contacts for added safety and durability and can be fitted with a positioning pin to ensure that the tap-off can only be connected to the correct side of a double sided bar.

Commented Steve Marr, lead marketing manager for Legrand’s power distribution business: “Our Zucchini LB Plus range includes a series of design features that make it a robust, flexible and simple to install solution. The new five year warranty offers specifiers an even more compelling reason to select the most versatile busbar for combined power, lighting and small power installations.”