The world’s leading cable cleat manufacturer, Ellis has given its Cable Guide Clamp the small screen treatment – by creating a 3D animation of it in action.

Available to view at, the two minute animation highlights the unique strengths and benefits of the two-in-one cable guide and clamp, which has been designed specifically to assist in the installation and subsequent restraint of high voltage (HV) cables.

Richard Shaw, managing director of Ellis, said: “Trying to explain exactly what the Cable Guide Clamp can do has proved difficult, but whenever you’re able to show it to people they grasp the concept immediately and are invariably blown away by it.”

“With the 3D animation, specifiers and contractors around the world can now quickly and easily see for themselves what it’s all about and the advantages it can deliver in terms of installation and long-term system integrity.”

Initially designed for an offshore project for Siemens, the Cable Guide Clamp was developed by Ellis into a full range suitable for use with large diameter cables. It works in two stages. Firstly, cables are guided by it into their final location, while trumpeted entry and exit points ensure the cable is not damaged when fed through any particularly sharp angled turns. Once the cable is laid correctly, the top half of the guide is then removed, a fixing piece installed directly onto the cable and the top half re-secured, thus turning it into a fully-functioning HV cable clamp.

“We are fast becoming known as market innovators as well as market leaders,” continued Richard. “The Cable Guide Clamp is certainly one of our most innovative products and hopefully the 3D animation will prove to be an innovative way of promoting it.”

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