Ellis’ global gathering

Oct 3, 2014 | Cables and Accessories

Cable cleat manufacturer Ellis welcomed guests from as far afield as Australia, Singapore and South America to its Rillington headquarters in North Yorkshire this week as it hosted its first ever Global Distributor Conference.

The company, which has a highly successful export operation, has a network of 26 distributors and business development specialists working in key markets across the world and brought them all together for the two day event.

Richard Shaw, managing director of Ellis, said: “Our distributors are to all intents and purpose Ellis in their particular markets, but each and every one of them works independently and so we felt the conference would prove extremely beneficial to everyone – ourselves included.”

“The conference programme covered every aspect of the business and enabled the distributors the chance to share ideas and best practice, address issues they may be having in terms of product, delivery and support, and find out about key development plans – both current and future – for Ellis and its products.”

Ellis also scheduled an evening of Yorkshire hospitality into the programme, which saw its guests savouring the best of the county both in terms of food and drink in York city centre.

“They key aims of the conference were all achieved, but one of the most interesting aspects to come from it was that it served to create a real sense of community amongst the distributors – many of who were meeting for the very first time,” added Richard. “They spoke at length to one another, creating both business and social relationships that I hope will go on to prove of great importance to us all moving forward.”