Eco-friendly EF 300 series

Sep 19, 2012 | UPS & Standby Power

BPC’s new EF 300 series UPS is available up to 120kVA capacity and, because it requires a minimum amount of space and provides greater control of all the UPS subsystems, it is well suited for advanced enterprise computing installations.

Utilising DPS technology, the UPS combines BPC’s digital signal processor control technology with a green manufacturing philosophy. This results in a UPS design that incorporates the latest generation power components and improved conversion circuit topology in order to maximise efficiency.
By using the latest DSP technology the vulnerable, transformer-based interface circuitry is eliminated and replaced by DSP processing. This means that efficiency, reliability and functionality are enhanced. A further benefit of the DSP system is the ability for the UPS to be programmed to suit a variety of electrical environments without jeopardising its performance, while improving maintainability through powerful self diagnostic routines.
The UPS helps to reduce environmental impact as it has fewer components and controlled levels of noise pollution. It therefore provides a UPS with a reduced carbon footprint whilst still achieveing clean continuous power for industrial computing installations.


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