The new EBDHS-B32-SR-MP PIR detector from CP Electronics has been engineered to provide the automatic control of SR™ (sensor ready) Philips Xitanium SR LED drivers. Designed for luminaire mounting on high bay/high level luminaires up to 20 metres in height, the EBDHS-B32-SR-MP is an increased performance PIR presence detector developed specifically for lighting control in areas with demanding spaces and increased mounting heights, making it idea for warehouse applications.

The unit is responsive to the constant shift of an organisation’s lighting needs by being programmable and adjustable to produce an exceptionally accurate detection beam. With a ground breaking detection range up to 40m at a 15m mounting height, the sensor also boasts an accurate and uniform sensitivity throughout the detection range due to a specially designed 5 pyro layout to cover a 360 degree detection pattern. Commissioning and maintenance is also simplified due to the external optics design (photocell & IR transmitter) which improves presence detection and IR transmission, making it faster and more precise.

The EBDHS-B32-SR-MP PIR detector has a 32mm thread back cover which enables quick and hassle free installation onto a luminaire or a flush type surface. Accessories include masking shields that provide flexibility when tailoring the detection area to the particular requirements of the application. For simple commissioning, functionality is fully programmable using either the UHS5 or UNLCDHS handsets. The quality and functionality of the product is reflected in a 5 year guarantee.

For more information see CP’s website