Power management company Eaton has launched the new PowerXL DG1 variable speed drive series for demanding industrial and building automation applications for ratings from 0.55 to 160 kW. The new drives feature optimised energy algorithm, robust design, extreme short-circuit current capability with extensive and integrated functionality. They are also extremely user-friendly therefore enabling users to implement electrical equipment, systems and machinery with greater efficiency, safety and reliability.

The DG1 variable speed drives stand out on account of their versatile communication. All models come with standard interfaces for Ethernet IP, Modbus TCP, Modbus RTU as well as BACnet MS/TP. Plug-in cards can also be used for connecting to Profibus DP, CANopen, DeviceNet, ProfiNet and LonWorks as well as Eaton’s innovative SmartWire-DT lean panel wiring and communication system. Additionally, the devices provide several digital and analog inputs and outputs as well as three relays, thus offering more connection options than many other devices of this class on the market today. Furthermore, different add-on cards also make it possible to further expand the DG1 simply and flexibly.

Handling is based on the same well-known and proven concept of Eaton’s PowerXL variable speed drives (DC1 and DA1). For many applications, the installer can thus commission the device in the field ‘straight out of the box’, without any extensive parameter setting needed. The clearly designed menu guidance on a five-line LCD display, self-explanatory type codes, and only 14 standard parameters further simplify commissioning of the drives in demanding applications. The membrane keyboard has two freely configurable keys as well as three LEDs for indicating the status of the device at a glance. The operating elements can either be installed locally on the device or remotely, such as in the switch cabinet door in order to easily control several devices. Alternatively, Eaton offers an ergonomic configuration option using the innovative InControl software that is also suitable for monitoring and data logging.

The drive software installed on all DG1 drives offers features such as: active power consumption optimisation, dynamic power management in the event of feedback, a quickstart wizard, different standard application function blocks (multi-pump system, fan control, multi-PID, multi-purpose use), safety functions, as well as Safe Torque Off (STO) and real-time clock. In terms of power consumption, Eaton has succeeded in reducing the power required for driving motors by 2 to 10 per cent, compared to other variable speed drives on the market without any additional optimisation.

The DG1 offers an overload withstand capability of 110% for variable torques and 150% for constant torques. The short-circuit current capability of the drives at 100 kAIC is well over the average. Thanks to an integrated DC link choke, the variable speed drive only has a very small harmonic component, so that the user does not require additional external components. EMC filters (C2) are likewise standard for all devices.

The variable speed drive series comes in six sizes with protection class IP21 for all housings. A special coating protects the electronic boards from dust, humidity and chemicals. For harsher environmental conditions or remote operation, the housing can be retrofitted to IP54 with a conversion kit. The operating range of the DG1 is from -35 to 50 °C thanks to a special heating mode. With derating it can also be operated up to 60 °C.