Draka’s space saving high density Cat. 6 network cable has been used for a new, four-storey building for Young Students and Adult Learning at Lambeth College’s Brixton Centre in southwest London.

The Cat. 6 HD network cable was specified by King Communications, an approved Draka UC Connect installer, working with Sheridan M&E on the prestigious project for main contractor Gilbert-Ash.

“We use Draka’s Cat. 6 HD cable a lot because it is a good product,” says Danny King, owner of King Communications. “Because the installation guys are familiar with the product it makes for a straightforward installation, an important consideration because King Communications had just six weeks in which to complete the 650 outlet data installation”.

The high density cables are distributed on each floor of the new block using cable baskets hidden above the false ceiling. The cable’s compact design enables installers to save both time and money by running increased numbers of cables in cable trays, when compared to standard Cat. 6 cables. “A big advantage of Draka’s Cat. 6 HD cabling is that it is a smaller diameter than conventional Cat. 6 cabling, which means that we can get more cabling into the cable basket and cable bundles are smaller in diameter,”

Launched in 2012, the high density Cat.6 U/UTP cable also has the advantage that it is flexible and lighter. It also has an outside diameter of just 5.25mm, less than the 6.0mm outside diameter of standard Cat. 6 cable. The cable’s reduced diameter means that it has a cross-sectional area 25% less than that of standard Cat.6 U/UTP cabling.

Draka distributor Dunasfern worked with King Communications to supply a complete certified Draka UC Connect solution. In addition to the Cat 6 HD cables, the solution included Draka patch panels and 650 Draka Cat 6 outlets. As a full Draka Universal Connect solution the system is fully warranted for 25 years. Dunasfern worked closely with King Communications to ensure products were delivered to site on a just-in-time basis to meet the project’s challenging delivery schedule.

“The advantage to King Communications of using Draka’s Cat. 6 HD cable is that its reduced diameter can significantly increase a cable tray’s carrying capacity,” says Steve Melay, manager at Dunasfern. “For example, if a 300mm x 35mm cable tray is used with market standard Cat. 6 U/UTP cabling it can carry 140 cable links. However, if Draka’s compact HD cable is used, the tray’s capacity can be increased to 195 links, a 40% improvement”.

The Cat.6 HD cable complies with the CPR regulations and has HDBaseT approval and has excellent headroom of 5dB.

Draka is part of the Prysmian Group, a world leader in the energy and telecom cables and systems industry.