As part of its growing fibre cable range, FS Cables now stock Draka Firetuf Fire Resistant Fibre cables.

Available in OM1, OM3 & OM4 multimode, OS2 singlemode, in 4, 8, 12 or 24 loose tube fibre configurations with a LSHF (low smoke halogen free) sheath, Firetuf Fibre is the ideal solution where maintaining network performance during a fire is essential.

Firetuf Fibre provides circuit integrity under fire and impact up to 830°C for 120 minutes (EN 50200 PH120). The range also meets the requirements of IEC 60331-25 (fire resistance) and IEC60332-3-24C (flame retardance) making it suitable for installations where continued communications are required in the event of fire, for example in tunnels, tube stations, airports or any other public buildings where safety of people and equipment is paramount.

For applications where mechanical protection is required, a corrugated steel tape armoured version is also stocked alongside the unarmoured version. The added armour provides physical protection to the cable against vandalism or rodent damage.

Also included in all Draka multimode OM3 & OM4 cables is the bend-insensitive MaxCap BendBright fibre, this benefits users by maintaining performance levels when exposing the cable to tight bends or if the cable is put under pressure.

Stocked in standard reel sizes up to 2000m or available cut-to-length, Draka Firetuf Fibre is delivered next working-day as standard to most of mainland UK.

For more information, pricing or a datasheet, please visit or call 01727 840 841.