Brady has gathered some common identification issues from electrical installation practices and proposes smart solutions in short how-to videos. Check these out!

  1. Setting up a huge terminal block with a stringent labelling requirement? Focus on the core job, and rely on the Terminal Block label design wizard in Brady portable label printers for fast and easy labelling.
  2. Are you unhappy about losing track of cables? Discover BMP21-PLUS and BMP61 Label Printers with built-in Breaker Box label design wizard.
  3. Constantly looking for workarounds to print right-sized labels for patch panels? Try Brady’s Patch Panel label design wizard, built-in in our quality portable label printers.
  4. Do you feel retyping data to print a label is a waste of your time? That’s because it is. Discover Wire Marker label design wizard built-in in Brady’s quality portable label printers.
  5. Did your customer pressure you into neatly labelling an entire residential electrical panel? No need to stress, just use Residential Panel label design wizard on the BMP21-PLUS Label Printer and whistle while you’re at it.

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