Demand for generators grows at Kent County Show

Jul 30, 2013 | UPS & Standby Power

Dieselec Thistle has helped farmers and agricultural businesses in the south east find out more about installing power to remote locations and improving resilience to power shortages by exhibiting at the Kent County Show.

Attended by 75,000 people this year over the three day weekend event, The Kent County Show exhibited everything from classic cars to best in breed livestock and locally produced foods. Dieselec Thistle attended to demonstrate to rural businesses how diesel generators can provide a cost effective alternative to a new mains connection in remote locations and offer a reliable standby supply as the risk of outages increases due to pressure on the grid.

Brian Muirie, Dieselec Thistle’s sales director, commented, “We have worked closely with the agricultural sector in Scotland for many years providing generators for both prime and standby services for homes, barns and business critical equipment. Often putting in a new mains supply can cost more than the development costs of a new building in remote locations, making a diesel generator a more viable option. Coming to the Kent County Show has enabled us to share our experience of providing essential power for agricultural requirements and demonstrate just how reliable, quick to install and cost effective a diesel generator can be.”

Dieselec Thistle exhibited both a 30kVa and a 50kVa generator on its stand at the Kent County Show, offering farmers and agricultural businesses a cost per week payment plan spread over three years to make diesel generators an even more attractive option. The company also offers maintenance and service packages, even in remote locations, providing customers with complete peace of mind that their power supply will safeguard their business against any business continuity issues caused by loss of power.

Muirie added, “Many of the rural businesses we are already working with in Scotland and the north have highly power critical processes, so a simple diesel generator offers an affordable insurance against potentially catastrophic business interruption issues. With our depot in the south east we are now able to offer agricultural customers in the region the same high level of resilience and we already have 20 active leads just from attending the show, which proves that there is a real demand for reliable standby and prime power solutions in the sector.”