Leaders in advanced lighting control solutions and smart building technologies.

Our open networked, wired, wireless and IOT lighting management solutions are at the forefront of innovation. Our expert application of the most advanced DALl-2, Lon, BACnet, IP and MQTT technologies delivers unparalleled insights and shares real-time intelligence with other connected IOT systems to optimise energy efficiency and sustainability, simplify installation and reduce costs.

Smart modulues, smart ready

Our IP DALl-2 Buswire Modules are class leading Ethernet to the Edge DALI routers, combining DALl-2 functionality with granular BACnet/lP and MQTT integration.

Innovative sensors for every application

Our range of smart sensors includes the smallest multisensors on the market, granular real-time space-utilisation sensors, and multi-discipline microsensors with environmental temperature and humidity measurement. monitor, manage, configure Lightscape graphical software provides real-time intel and data sharing via MQTT, while smart touch panels and touch pads deliver powerful local control of lighting and other integrated services.

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