Latest DALI-2 systems reimagine and redefine lighting control, providing absolute flexibility and versatility, achieving optimum energy and operational efficiencies, integrating emergency light testing and monitoring, applying biodynamic tuneable-white profiles for enhanced comfort and wellbeing, and sharing valuable real-time intelligence with other connected systems.

Systems seamlessly mesh wired, wireless and mixed-mode devices across physical or cloud networks, continuously monitoring, analysing and optimising lighting and connected building services performance.   Cutting-edge sensors and controllers combine with powerful visuals, analytics, user interfaces and apps, while expert application of open-protocol Lon, BACnet, DALI-2, IP, BLE and MQTT technologies delivers unparalleled insights and intelligence.

Delmatic’s network of lighting management sensors lies at the heart of a smart building network, constantly monitoring, continuously assessing, and seamlessly sharing data with other services across the IT and IOT network. 

Connected solutions lead the way to outstanding energy optimisation by sharing occupancy data and patterns with other systems in a building so that all energy-consuming services link to occupancy.  Connected systems create virtual maps of a building with up-to-the-second information on areas in use. This unique real-time knowledge of occupancy and daylight levels throughout a building is shared with other connected services so that not just lighting, but also heating, cooling, small power and other energy consuming services are all linked to occupancy and daylight.

Delmatic pioneered electronic lighting control in 1959 and supplied the world’s first smart lighting control system. Delmatic are also supplying the world’s largest smart lighting control system for the Abu Dhabi International Airport where each of the 180,000 light fittings is equipped with a DALI driver, managed and monitored by the networked system.

Latest biodynamic tuneable-white controls bring the vitality of daylight into any space, subtly adjusting light intensity and colour to replicate the dynamic variation of daylight or to suit a task or individual preference.

Systems provide comprehensive round the clock monitoring and testing of emergency lighting.  The dynamic systems test, monitor and track each aspect and every function of a building’s emergency lighting infrastructure, bringing the complete process of emergency light testing, real-time light and battery monitoring and reporting into one comprehensive, automated package.  Graphical dashboards deliver an unmatched level of detail and performance intelligence and provide a wealth of real-time data including the individual performance of each emergency lamp and driver as well as the health and precise charging status of every battery.

Delmatic systems encompass a complete suite of graphical interfaces and portals for every application and any device.  From a PC, tablet or smart phone, users can control and configure lighting as well as monitor and analyse how lighting is actually being used – from how much energy is being saved to how often the meeting rooms are used. Real-time intelligence informs building operation and management decisions enabling facilities teams to enhance satisfaction while reducing costs.

Powerful analysis of intelligence converts raw granular data into unique insights, heatmaps and dashboards and empowers smart, sustainable decisions for managing lighting, shading, HVAC, assets, space and safety.

Delmatic Apps introduce true personal interaction enabling users to tune their environment and create individual profiles and strategies for lighting and scenes, bio-dynamic white-tuning as well as other connected services including blinds and temperature.

Delmatic offer an extensive and complementary range of control approaches optimised for every area and application, each type of light source, any degree of flexibility, and all forms of installation, creating spaces that motivate and stimulate individuals and teams, empowering individuals with control of their environment, and optimising lighting levels and colour temperature through biodynamic scenarios.

Sustainability, versatility, comfort and efficiency are fundamental requirements for all types of  projects and Delmatic smart systems have been deployed within the world’s most  sophisticated and iconic buildings across a spectrum of applications including Workspace, Educational, Healthcare, Transportation, Residential, Culture and Leisure.  

Delmatic have more than sixty years’ expertise in the supply of advanced lighting control and management solutions to major international projects, and this experience coupled with detailed knowledge of current and emerging technologies enables Delmatic to give unique insight into the best-practice application of systems and networks.  Delmatic offer a comprehensive advisory and technical support service to designers interested in the application of advanced lighting management and energy optimisation systems.

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