Critical Power Supplies Enhances Ward Space and Ensures Uninterrupted Research for Richmond Pharmacology

Aug 31, 2023 | Advertorials, News, Power, Power Solutions, UPS & Standby Power


Richmond Pharmacology is a renowned clinical research organisation dedicated to accelerating drug development timelines to save lives. To accommodate their growing needs and increase the amount of ward space on-site, Richmond Pharmacology sought the assistance of Critical Power Supplies. However, their existing standby generator did not offer adequate protection for their power requirements. This case study explores how Critical Power Supplies successfully addressed the challenges and provided a reliable power solution within a tight timeline.


Critical Power Supplies conducted a comprehensive site survey and identified several challenges that needed to be overcome to meet Richmond Pharmacology’s objectives. The primary challenges included:

  1. a) Insufficient protection: The existing standby generator was unable to provide the necessary power protection for the increased ward space.
  2. b) Restricted site access: The site’s single-lane entry with barrier control posed difficulties for the transportation and installation of the new generator.
  3. c) Time constraints: Richmond Pharmacology required the project to be completed within a strict two-month timeframe.

The Solution: 110kVA Kohler-SDMO Diesel Generator

After careful evaluation, Critical Power Supplies recommended the installation of a 110kVA Kohler-SDMO diesel generator. This solution offered the required power capacity and reliability to support Richmond Pharmacology’s clinical research operations during power outages. The generator’s robust construction and advanced features ensured uninterrupted power supply for critical equipment and systems within the facility.

Collaboration and Project Execution

Maureen Symester, Head of Facilities – Special Projects at Richmond Pharmacology, expressed her satisfaction with Critical Power Supplies’ services. Throughout the project, the company provided seamless coordination among various stakeholders, including electricians, generator engineers, council workers, and security netting contractors. By ensuring that all parties worked within the same timelines, Critical Power Supplies eliminated potential delays and maintained a smooth installation process.

Furthermore, Critical Power Supplies facilitated communication between Richmond Pharmacology and the local council. They successfully arranged for the removal of barrier controls on the same day the existing generator was being replaced and the new generator was being positioned. This proactive approach minimised disruption and ensured a timely project completion.

Conclusion and Recommendation

Richmond Pharmacology’s collaboration with Critical Power Supplies yielded excellent results. The installation of the 110kVA Kohler-SDMO diesel generator provided the necessary power protection to support the increased ward space and safeguard critical research operations.

Maureen Symester praised Critical Power Supplies for their exceptional project management, logistic coordination, and effective communication. Her positive experience led her to wholeheartedly recommend Critical Power Supplies to other organisations requiring reliable power solutions.

Critical Power Supplies’ ability to understand and address the unique challenges faced by Richmond Pharmacology showcases their expertise in delivering tailored power solutions. Their commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction establishes them as a trusted partner in critical power infrastructure.

By partnering with Critical Power Supplies, Richmond Pharmacology successfully enhanced their facility’s power resilience and continued their mission to accelerate drudevelopment, ultimately contributing to saving lives and improving patient outcomes.

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