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May 1, 2012 | Cables and Accessories

Eaton’s Electrical Sector has recently introduced a new range of modular grid-based wiring accessories that combine the elements of a traditional grid range, including broad switches and power sockets, with voice and data connectivity options and intelligent RF switch modules for use with Eaton’s wireless modern home automation system.

The PREMERA MIX range includes mounting plates that can accommodate up to 24 modules in an almost unlimited range of combinations. Popular plate sizes are supplied with integral mounting frames and earthing facilities, which makes them fast and easy to install as fewer separate components are required, and also easier to order and stock. To speed up wiring further, the larger mounting frames incorporate a quick removal feature for each bank of modules.

The voice and data modules in the PREMERA MIX range make it well suited for domestic and commercial applications where unobtrusive facilities are needed for the connection of telephone and network services, while the RF switch modules further extend the versatility of the system by providing full compatibility with Eaton’s xComfort range of wireless home automation products.

An additional benefit is that where both wireless and wired systems are used in the same premises, the same range of wiring accessories can be used for both systems, ensuring that a uniform appearance is maintained for the whole installation.

The new PREMERA MIX modules are suitable for use with standard PREMERA MIX grid plates and with module plates from Eaton’s COPA range (which features clip-on decorative plastic and luxury metal fascias as well as COPA FIX), and with Eaton’s XTRA surface mounted grid plate products.

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