Constant Power Services launch Data wheel

Oct 23, 2020 | News, UPS & Standby Power

Struggling to find the right size UPS? Are you looking at multiple sites and projects? You know the kVA rating you require but which product do you need? Will it fit the space? What is the maximum output current?

The Constant Power Services data wheel is designed for convenience, simplicity and will arm you with the information you need to establish which Riello UPS you require, without searching through datasheets and catalogues.

A comparison across the ranges enables you to make a quick informed decision.

This tool has been designed for convenience and simplicity to aid Electrical contractors, facilities managers and customers will multiple sites to obtain the key information relating to the Riello UPS range and once the UPS required is identified the key components regarding dimensions, weight, heat outputs and maximum output currents etc can be built in to the specification of the project.

Constant Power Services are continually accessing our customers’ requirements for information and developing tools and documentation to provide them the answers to their problems or queries.

For your copy of the Constant Power Services data wheel please contact: