Every business in the 21st century needs to have a reliable power solution such as a UPS (uninterruptible power supply) or a generator to maintain business continuity, if your mains power supply is limited and susceptible to power cuts or to ensure pure clean electricity filtering out surges and other fluctuations.

More importantly, UPS systems can also protect your valuable equipment and data from expensive damage or data so, having a UPS should be considered part of your business continuity plan to give you complete peace of mind and certainty.

Buying a UPS or a generator alone doesn’t 100% guarantee that you will be protected. You need to find a complete solution that includes site surveys, assessments, purchase advice, training, maintenance and full emergency cover.  A decision regarding the investment of a UPS should not stop at merely which product to select, it should consider the pre and post-sale services and can they be dealt with by this one supplier.


That’s where Constant Power comes into the picture. They are a UPS and power solutions supplier who love what they do and want to share their passion and expertise with their customers to offer the best holistic power solution possible.

Managing Director of Constant Power Services Kevin Wilson cited the below five reasons why customers continue to turn to their company for advice and support.

1. The full support you need, from start to finish

Whatever the needs of our clients, Constant Power Services will provide support and guide them every step of the way. This is true whether they are just considering which power solution they need for there business, either a UPS system or generator, or simply looking for high quality, ongoing maintenance and support from a skilled team that you can trust.

We won’t just sell them a piece of equipment and send them on their way, but we’ll be there whenever they need us the most. This means they always have a team of experts at the other end of the phone whenever an emergency strikes, they need to service their equipment or simply have questions to ask.

As a subsidiary of the outstanding high technology brand, Riello Elettronica, we provide full manufacturer support for the Riello UPS we sell, right here in the UK.

2. Complete solutions

We understand that every business has unique needs when it comes to finding a reliable power solution. Customers don’t want to make compromises just because their chosen supplier doesn’t have exactly what they need. That’s why we have added generators and Low Voltage switchgear to our offering.

Here in the UK we stock an extensive range of Riello UPS systems, transfer systems, software and connectivity and are able to offer generators, from many different leading manufacturers including Volvo, Perkins, FPT, Cummins, Doosan, Baudouin, Yanmar, Scania and Mitsubishi.

Our customers get exactly the right solution for their needs and can ensure that their business stays online.

3. No need to worry about complicated contracts or auto-renewals

We believe that honesty and transparency are essential when making important business decisions and maintaining full control.

That’s why our maintenance contracts, warranties and other terms and conditions are always clear and jargon free. Nor do we believe in restrictive terms and conditions or automatic contract renewals, customers should always keep full control of their business.

Constant Power Services tailor their service packages to ensure the needs of the customer are covered and have a range of service and overhaul service packages to reduce failure and increase the life cycle of your products, ensuring maximum performance.

4. The support of real people who care about customer needs

If you ask us, there’s nothing worse than doing business with a corporation that really doesn’t care whether your business needs are met, only whether they make a profit.  We continually invest in our UK support network, expanding our internal team with product and technical support managers, project managers and nationally based service technicians.  This is further supported by our investment in UK based witness testing facilities and regional spares hubs.

That’s why, although our team continues to grow in size, we always ensure that our clients get the best quality, personalised service possible with a smile. As one of our customers said, “absolutely amazing company providing the top end of customer service”.

Combined with our strong belief in communication, respect and ownership, our clients can rest assured that we will always go above and beyond to deliver what they need. That’s why our slogan is ‘just do certainty’.  Ultimately when working with Constant Power Services you can be certain that your business continuity is in safe hands.

5. Exceeding customer expectations

Constant Power Services has over 30 years of experience and knowledge and customer satisfaction demonstrated by 2nd and 3rd generation installations.

This coupled with our range of high-quality solutions, outstanding support and customer service and full clarity, means that our clients can find exactly the right solution for their needs. In fact, we can guarantee that we will exceed their expectations, especially when it comes to speed.

We are the largest stockholding in the UK and have hubs located across the UK. This means we can offer next day delivery and we can 100% guarantee both our emergency response time and our fix times.

Find out what Constant Power can offer your business today by getting in touch with them on 0330 1230125 or sales@constantpowerservices.com