Compact resilience from Power Control

Jul 6, 2018 | UPS & Standby Power

Recognising the need for greater efficiency, sustained resilience and increased flexibility, Borri Italy has released its latest three phase, transformer free UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) solution.

Offered exclusively in the UK by its specialist partner Power Control Ltd, the new 30 – 40kW UPS systems are ideal for smaller sized data centres and server room facilities.

Joining the internationally acclaimed Ingenio UPS range from Borri Italy, the new Ingenio Plus units feature the Italian manufacturer’s coveted patented Green Conversion Technology, which enables them to achieve industry leading efficiency with 1.0 output power factor. In addition, the Green Conversion Battery Care delivers extended battery life, which ultimately results in reduced maintenance costs and lower TCO

The inclusion of a dynamic charging mode helps the Ingenio Plus achieve long autonomies without oversizing, which again contributes significantly to the overall efficiencies of the UPS. Where additional redundancy is required, up to six units can be paralleled as standard.

Designed specifically to offer greater flexibility, the Ingenio Plus is a front access UPS with built in battery solution also has an impressively compact footprint. It has also inherited all the intuitive features from the Ingenio range including, smart graphic screen, intelligent monitoring and remote shutdown.

Commenting on this latest product release, Power Control’s solutions director Rob Mather said: “The industry has been crying out for a UPS solution that not only delivers the resilience intended but also seriously considers TCO.

“Having already successfully completed a number of high profile Borri Ingenio Plus installs across the UK, Power Control is confident that the extension of the range to include 30 – 40kW options will be welcome additions. The Borri Ingenio family of products is now available from 30 – 300kW and a 400kW will be available later in the year.

“Feedback from Ingenio Plus UPS users has been consistently positive, where many cite their manufacturing quality, reliability and efficiency as key market differentiators. Power Control has always been an advocator of Borri Spa UPS technology. It is always supremely resilient without compromising on quality or efficiency performance.”

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