Metrel has announced the launch of the world’s first combined 17th Edition and photovoltaic installations tester. The unit builds on Metrel’s experience with 17th Edition testers to provide a complete test solution for the solar PV market

Whereas the majority of test instruments used in PV are biased towards new installs only, the MI3108 Eurotest PV from Metrel is the only unit that covers all aspects of initial installation, periodic inspections, and also trouble shooting of any electrical issue.

All of the tests are carried out in accordance with both MCS and EN 62446 for the basic PV installation standard. The unit also has the ability to carry out the I-U characteristic, calculation of STC values and power measurements on inverters – both AC and DC sides. The MI3108 PV also has the ability to store panel manufacturers’ data which will enable a full efficiency test to be carried out during installation and subsequent maintenance of the PV install.

Included as standard in the MI3108 EuroTest PV is a full 17th Edition tester which tests in accordance with EN 61557.

The combination of the two testers in one instrument makes the MI3108 Eurotest PV the only tester on the market to comply with all aspects of electrical and PV installation testing.

The remote unit which is supplied with the MI3108 Eurotest PV allows for all measured values to be synchronised with the master unit. This allows for the most accurate STC calculations to be made, as the remote unit stores the environmental conditions and parameters such as ambient temperature, panel temperature and irradience.

Added savings

The use of the remote module allows the user to carry out all measurements on the PV installation single handed. This makes a more efficient work ethic that saves both time and money.

Supplied with the MI3108 Eurotest PV is the powerful software suite – PC SW EuroLink PRO Plus. This software allows for full reporting of install results for all aspects of the PV and electrical installation. The software package provides full analysis and easy report generation making this software the perfect companion for the MI3108 Eurotest PV.

The download of the MI3108 Eurotest PV to the software is carried out with a simple plug and play USB link, making the download as easy as possible.

To enhance the safety for the user, the MI3108 Eurotest PV was developed to cope with the demanding and potentially dangerous working conditions where voltages in excess of 1,000V and currents of 10A DC are commonplace. To enable the user complete piece of mind during testing, Metrel have developed the PV safety probe which provides the required piece of mind for every safe disconnection. The safety probe allows for the test instrument to be connected directly to the PV array, and provides the additional safety isolation no other unit can.

Covering all the bases

The MI3108 Eurotest PV pushes the boundaries of technical advancement, offering the market the full solution for true multi-function and PV installation testing. However, to cover the complete requirements of the photovoltaic industry, Metrel will launch two units, the MI3108 Eurotest PV and the MI3109 Eurotest PVi.

The MI3109 Eurotest PVi is optimised for PV tests only. The MI3109 Eurotest PVi has an auto-sequence mode which is intended to perform a complete set of pre-determined tests needed for verification of PV installations according to EN 62446. The MI3109 Eurotest PVi will also carry out full I-V curve measurement, STC calculations, and as per the MI3108 PV, will enable the full suite of power installation tests to be carried out. All of these tests are recorded on the onboard memory and can be easily downloaded via USB into the supplied software suite – PC SW EuroLink PRO Plus.

The MI3109 Eurotest PVi is the most technically advanced and easy to use test equipment available for PV installation – no other unit can match it for functionality and safety, offering all of the testing requirements in a single handheld unit.


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