CENTIEL’s New Single Phase Modular UPS Creates Unprecedented Interest

Jun 6, 2023 | News, UPS & Standby Power

CENTIEL UK has confirmed its new single phase modular UPS solution has been met with unprecedented interest within the market.  CumulusPower 11 now ensures single phase critical loads can take advantage of the same high quality, high availability power protection previously only achieved with three phase UPS.

David Bond, Chairman, Centiel UK confirms: “Up until now, the benefits of UPS decentralised parallel architecture did not exist for those looking for the same high-quality level of power protection for single phase.  We have now revolutionised the single-phase modular UPS space by bringing all the functionality of our three phase Distributed Active Redundant Architecture (DARA) into a single-phase modular UPS solution for the convenience of our customers.

“So far, we have seen unprecedented interest in this new solution, particularly in the medical sector but also from other commercial markets such as finance and banking too.”

Centiel’s new single phase modular UPS provides the same increased availability or uptime, and no single points of failure due to its DARA architecture, as Centiel’s three-phase solution.  Just like the award-winning three phase modular CumulusPowerTM, the single-phase version ensures “9 nines” (99.9999999%) availability to effectively eliminate system downtime; class leading 97.1% on-line efficiency to minimise running costs; true “hot swap” modules to eliminate human error in operation and high-quality, long-life components to reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

The CumulusPower 11 is available in either 10kW or 20kW capacity or 20kW N+1 redundancy in a single cabinet. A range of CumulusPower 11 cabinet types are available that include integral batteries and rack independent housings for incorporation into existing 19” racks offering increased flexibility and enabling use of space to be maximised.

When asked about the difference the single phase CumulusPower 11 will make to single phase power protection, Louis McGarry, Centiel UK’s Sales & Marketing Director commented: “It’s opened the market right up, single phase critical loads could previously only receive the highest levels of availability or power or uptime through expensive alterations to a site’s electrical infrastructure. Now, Centiel’s new single phase modular CumulusPower 11 can be installed easily into 19” cabinets or into discrete UPS cabinets. The single phase modular CumulusPower 11 is a game changer for the power protection of single-phase critical loads.”

For further information please see:  www.centiel.co.uk

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