Building services training provider, Logic4training, has introduced a bespoke training service for organisations wishing to fill gaps in employee knowledge to improve performance and delivery

The new service sees Logic4training working directly with businesses to analyse and develop programmes tailored to specific needs and skills gaps.

Government research indicates that one-in-three companies could have a member of staff with unused skills who, with the right training, could bring fresh skills and ideas to the organisation. By using bespoke training to upskill existing workers, employers can draw out the hidden potential in their workforce while filling the needs of a specific job.

Mark Krull, Director at Logic4training, says: “With our many years of experience delivering industry-lead training courses in gas, electrical, plumbing, oil, renewables, air conditioning and more, we are in a unique position to help organisations upskill their workers, offering a cost-effective and tailored alternative to off-the-peg courses and/or recruitment.”

Logic4training has already helped building services providers in the retail, facilities management, healthcare and educational sectors.

Bespoke training benefits:

  • Fit around work and deadlines – training programmes developed with the workloads of specific employees in mind.
  • Boost staff morale – by investing in staff they are less likely to look for employment elsewhere, while feeling valued by your business.
  • Cut recruitment costs – Upskilling from within is often far cheaper and more efficient than recruiting someone new.
  • On-the-job training – application-specific courses can be delivered on site, meaning training is more worthwhile and responsive.
  • Meet customer demands – develop new services as the need arises.
  • Designed for your business – whatever skills your team needs, bespoke training offers a tailored and concise solution.

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