Leading Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) specialists, Borri has been one of the masterminds behind developing the greenest data centre in the world, which is on track to achieve record breaking power usage effectiveness (PUE) parameters below the value of 1.2.

Working in close collaboration with renowned global integrated energy company ENI, project management specialists Ariatta Ingegneria dei Sistemi S.r.l., ICT infrastructure experts Reorder, the University of Bologna and a network of third party power and electrical experts, Borri S.p.A has designed and developed a unique transformer free UPS solution, which can achieve up to 99.5 percent efficiency at half load.

Now the most efficient UPS unit available, this state-of-the-art transformer free back-up power protection solution has been exclusively developed by Borri to achieve ultimate efficiency in three modes of operation.

The highest levels of efficiency are achieved in Ultra High Efficiency mode (UHE), where advanced design of internal power components enable the UPS to operate silently with natural cooling achieving 99.5 percent efficiency. At part load, in online double conversion mode (VFI) the UPS achieves up to 96 percent efficiency. For added power protection the UPS also uses the inverter as an active filter while in UHE, which provides compensation should the load have any reactive or harmonic content. The filter can also protect the load from mains disturbances.

Initially approached by ENI to define a very innovative technical specification, which outlined several UPS challenges, the most significant being to deliver absolute power protection whilst operating in high efficiency mode, Borri had to undergo a rigorous tender process, during which the company submitted numerous detailed written specifications and technical drawings.

Borri was able to effectively demonstrate its technological capabilities in delivering the UPS solution required in the original project description and was commissioned by ENI to develop the finished UPS product.

In the early stages of the project renowned high efficiency solution developers, Reorder and Borri pooled their resources to clearly outline the UPS specification, which has provided the backbone to the development of a totally new and unique back-up power protection solution.

Armed with a technical specification, that if achieved, could revolutionise the design of UPS solutions for years to come, Borri teamed up with global provider of technical services, TÜV Rheinland, plant designer Ariatta and with support from Reorder, embarked on several months of intensive research and development.

Custom-built prototypes were developed for TÜV Rheinland to carry out type tests, which were performed in accordance with laboratory testing protocol outlined specifically for the UPS project, which had been formulated to certify the safety, performance, and quality of the UPS unit.

Working in parallel with TÜV Rheinland, Ariatta’s management team appointed the University of Bologna’s electrical engineering department to define the measurement methodologies and select the testing instruments. The University supervised the examinations carried out by TÜV Rheinland to measure the efficiency levels and transfer time of the UPS solution and ensure it met the benchmark curve stipulated in ENI’s green data centre project specification.

Located in Ferrera Erbognone, Pavia, Italy, adjacent to ENI’s power plant, the new data centre, due to be officially opened at the end of the year, has been designed to host all of ENI’s central data processing systems including administrative information and high performance computing calculation systems, which when combined will absorb up to 30MW of useable IT power.

The irreplaceable nature of the data and overall scope of the development highlighted that a reliable back-up power supply would be absolutely essential to the success of the finished project.

A combined force of the technical and manufacturing skills presented by Borri and Reorder and the detailed analysis and assessment from not only ENI but also Ariatta, the University of Bologna and TÜV Rheinland, has resulted in a totally unique UPS solutions which offers the best of both worlds – ultimate power protection and superior performance efficiency.

Borri will soon be unveiling a new product, which will be able to match the functionality of this unique, revolutionary UPS solution and details of this will be released in the coming months. For more information on the company’s other products and services or to arrange a free site survey please visit www.borri.co.uk or call 0800 136 993