DatacenterDynamics Converged London Conference,

14th-15th November 2012, ICC London Excel

Leading Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) specialists, Borri Ltd, has taken a prominent position at this year’s prestigious DatacenterDynamics Converged London Conference, which is predicted to attract over 2,500 of the largest data centre users and operators from throughout the UK and Europe.

The highly targeted event will include a comprehensive list of over 70 technical presentations, case studies and panel discussions applicable to a wide range of industry sectors such as financial organisations, telecommunication firms and major private and public sector businesses.

Over the two day event, Borri will be showcasing one of the most resilient and efficient large UPS systems on the market – the B9000FXS 300kVA, highlighting not only its impressive efficiency levels but also its unparalleled reliability and user flexibility.

In addition, the company’s team of highly skilled engineers will be presenting various purchasing scenarios to help delegates understand the true cost of UPS ownership based on different applications and environmental conditions.

Borri’s sales director, Mark Trolley, commented: “With so many pressures on data centre managers to keep costs down, many other operational factors can be overlooked. To help the sector combat this, Borri has developed a unique knowledge transfer programme, which ensures that customers are aware of the very latest technologies, environmental pitfalls and best UPS solutions available for their specific requirements.

“Although efficiency remains a top priority for many data centres, it should never compromise the safety of the UPS. The smallest discrepancy in power protection could cost a critical data centre hundreds of thousands of pounds.

“With our extensive range of UPS solutions, compromises do not need to be made and we provide all our customers with an unbiased audit to present a solution which delivers the perfect balance of efficiency and power protection for any environment.”

Borri offers full turnkey UPS solutions for all different infrastructures from general office back-up to critical application power support. The company’s ongoing commitment to integrating the latest technological developments has enabled it to deliver the highest levels of protection, with both transformer free and transformer-based UPS solutions and as a leading UPS manufacturer of both technologies, Borri is internationally recognised selecting the most appropriate solution for a customer’s specific operating environment and application.

The DatacenterDynamics Converged London Conference, will be the perfect platform for Borri to address key decision makers and influencers within this highly evolving sector. Mr Trolley said:

“We are extremely excited about the event and believe that it will open up many more doors for Borri – not just in terms of new business but also new technologies and new audiences. The event will give us the opportunity to introduce our knowledge transfer programme and highlight its specific benefits to delegates.”

If you are attending the DatacenterDynamics Converged London Conference and would like to book a private appointment with Borri, please contact the company direct on 0800 136 993 by 5th November 2012. Alternatively, for more information on the company’s products and services or to arrange a free site survey please visit