The Bifold Circuit Designer allows you to design a bespoke modular solution or tubed valve circuit comprising a series of valves in any order or orientation (where applicable) using a schematic drag and drop system. The completed system can then be bought as a modular solution or as a list of separate valves from Bifold. 

• Design a circuit using drag and drop (new schematics added regularly). 

• Organise and manage your projects in the Project Centre. 

• View the modular solution code and description or a list of separate valves and fittings. 

• Create a PDF schematic diagram and description for sending with a quote. 

• View and print the Modular Solution Bill of Materials (BOM) or separate valves (BOM). 

• For users with Solid Edge ST6 and above, create a 3D model and dimensional drawing for a Modular Solution. 

• 3,500 + systems already configured. 

• New users configuring systems every week. 


Download and run setup.exe from:

Further Information 

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