Bender has launched new intelligent residual current monitoring (RCM). SensorPRO measurement technology has increased functionalities and capabilities which are suitable for industrial applications such as building automation and data centres. The range includes three new series: modular RCM designed for use in building infrastructure, compact RCM for use in final circuits, and split core RCM for retrofit applications.

Modular RCM

The modular series offers open network communications and interchangeable control modules to tailor functionality to meet customer requirements and reduce costs.

The devices operate with an integrated open communications interface to Modbus RTU enabling them to link to PLCs, building management systems and other smart network control options. 

That integrated communications link avoids the need to purchase additional third party 12-channel communications devices that often exceed the requirements of the system – further reducing costs.

The new single channel CT devices measure AC/DC current in earthed systems from 20kHz up to 100kHz and are available in five diameters, 20mm, 35mm, 60mm, 120mm, and 210mm to fit every application. They all operate on 24v power.

The CT sensor is a standard unit with housing, core and winding.  It is coupled with a Type B CT electronic module (CTUB10X) or MTCB or RCMB devices (MRCDB30X/RCMB30X).  The modular design and size options provide custom-fit solutions for a wide range of applications.

Integrating the intelligent interface with the CT device saves space, installation time and reduces maintenance costs. In the event of a fault developing in the electronic module, it can be swapped for a new one without removing the CT device.

Greater measurement flexibility and sensitivity up to 100kHz means quicker and easier fault-finding and more effective system protection.

Modular design future-proofs the devices because the smart electronic module can be changed or upgraded to accommodate developments in system control and communication. In the world of IoT and Industry 4.0 the emphasis is on networked communication via universal interfaces and protocols rather than taking readings from LED devices on individual devices.

The modular CT variants can also be specified with integrated magnetic shielding suitable for applications over 500 amps with high and rapidly changing inrush and pulse currents such as welding applications, power distribution, sub stations, and oil and gas platforms.

Compact RCM

The SensorPRO RCMB13x series offers AC/DC sensitive residual current measurement up to 2 kHz and 100mA, combining sensor technology and evaluation electronics in a single-channel smart 15mm device.

The integrated RS-485 interface with Modbus RTU allows the sensor to communicate with higher level systems, or alternatively with a plus width modulation (PWM) where Modbus is not available.  It also uses a standard 24v power supply.

Previously, RCM units have been too bulky and too expensive for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to easily fit within high value manufacturing machines or a standard power distribution unit such as tap-off boxes for data centre bus bars. 

A typical data centre may contain thousands of tap-off boxes, often connected to server racks that are a regular source of current leakage.

Bender has stripped down the CT RCM units down to make them smaller and more affordable for OEMs while maintaining core functionality.  The ability to cost effectively integrate RCM into machines or the power distribution units at the build stage makes it more accessible for end users.

The compact RCMB13x is available with solder pins for PCB mounting or with plugs and a retaining clip for DIN rail mounting.

The compact integrated unit is part of the new SensorPRO range developed by Bender to respond to customer needs and take residual current monitoring and earth fault location to the next level. 

Split Core RCM

The new split core CT, unique from Bender for AC/DC current fault finding is now available as part of the SensorPRO range.

The AC/DC RCMB330 delivers a unique capability of AC/DC current measurement, providing a comprehensive residual current monitoring solution for installations that cannot afford to switch off or power down.

The new SensorPRO split core CT unit can be quickly and easily installed and does not require power switch off or isolation. It is fully certified.

The integrated RCMB330 monitors AC/DC currents up to 2000mA with frequencies up to 100 kHz and incorporates an open interface that enables it to communicate via Modbus RTU.  The unit employs a standard 24-volt power supply and is available in a 25mm diameter.

The above devices offer increased functionality, enhanced measurement and more cost-effective solutions for a broad range of industrial applications. Bender UK’s engineering team can support OEMs and designers with the integration or retrofit of this new generation electrical safety technology.

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