Battery options for UPS range

Feb 12, 2013 | UPS & Standby Power

Zigor has added to its Tiber On-Line UPS range with extended run-time battery options.

The 2U rack/tower Zigor Tiber series currently provides up to ten minutes back-up time when operating at full load from its internal batteries. However, the new external battery packs will give the new Tiber models the ability to increase run-time to several hours depending on the appliance requirement and type of load the UPS supports.

The Tiber uses double conversion technology with two inverters to provide perfect clean sine wave power at all times without using the battery unless the mains fails. Available from 1kVA up to 3kVA, the Tiber can be floor or rack mounted with an LCD that provides information about input and output voltages, plus load and battery charge status. The UPS is well suited for backing-up an individual server, network racks or telephone switch board systems.

There is also an optional SNMP interface card for securing monitoring of the UPS which informs users of problems when they occur.


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