Rising ambient temperatures can lead to overheating electrical panels. By limiting the maximum temperature to which equipment is exposed, appropriately selected enclosure cooling solutions can prevent a large proportion of failures.

Rittal’s range of cooling products includes fan and filter units, air/air heat exchangers, thermoelectric coolers, cooling units, air/water heat exchangers and chillers. Fan and filter units force the cool, clean air surrounding panels through them, whereas air/air heat exchangers recirculate the air inside the enclosure, cooling it down using only the temperature of the ambient air and therefore may be used in dirty environments.

Cooling units and air/water heat exchangers may be used to cool the air inside an enclosure to a temperature lower than that of the ambient, again recirculating the air inside the enclosure, and are suitable for contaminated atmospheres. Cooling units provide a stand alone solution and air/water heat exchangers use water and a remote chiller.

Rittal also has a range of climate control products and are able to assist in determining whether climate control is necessary.

RiTherm, a software package that allows climate control requirements to be both quickly and easily calculated, may be used to guide you to the most suitable, correctly dimensioned climate control solution.



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