Are you tough enough for these profits?

Jun 21, 2016 | Cables and Accessories

Set to electrify the industry, Carl Kammerling International has enhanced its already popular C.K tools dextro screwdriver range, reinforcing its durability to make it twice as strong as the average human! 

Now up to an impressive 30 per cent tougher, the C.K dextro screwdrivers provide a true test of strength. This toolbox staple has always exceeded the tip strength requirements of ISO international standards. However, through an extensive design optimisation programme undertaken by Carl Kammerling’s dedicated team of engineers and metallurgists, the C.K dextro and dextro VDE screwdrivers are now tougher than ever before, providing screwdrivers with a real difference.

International screwdriver standards for a PZ2 screwdriver require a minimum torque load of 10.3nm. A human torque test reveals a capability of applying approximately 8.2nm of torque, and in independent testing the improved C.K dextro was found to be capable of withstanding over 20mm of torque, making it the toughest yet.

A number of distinct differentiators have created a screwdriver totally in tune with the demands of a busy electrical worker. Unlike many screwdrivers, the improved dextro VDE is not a ‘general purpose’ product but has been exclusively designed for electricians and the work that they do.

As suggested by its name, the dextro VDE has been crafted purposely for the dexterity required in the nature of the work undertaken with a long, fine neck for ultimate fingertip control. It has an ergonomically shaped dual component handle, injection moulded directly to the blade giving the ultimate bond for increased reliability and durability, and ridges along the head to give extra power in the last quarter turn.

For easy identification the entire dextro range has the tip type marked on the end of each handle, and anti-roll flats, which come in very useful when the screwdriver is put down on a sloped surface.

A premium quality, chrome vanadium steel blade provides exceptional strength and durability, whilst a precision machined tip ensures an exact screw fit and damage free screwdriving. And not forgetting that improved tip, which is now up to 30 per cent tougher!

With voltages as low as fifty Volts potentially proving extremely dangerous, if not lethal, the VDE approval of the dextro VDE range offers electricians maximum safety. VDE-approved tools are designed to reduce the risk of injury and damage to electrical circuitry. For many years tools have been labelled ‘insulated’, meaning only that they are coated with a material that is not a conductor of electricity. There are even tools on the market that claim they are tested to 1,000V. However, only tools marked ‘VDE’ have passed the rigorous tests set by the VDE Testing and Certification Institute, including being specifically tested to 10,000V of electricity and only these tools offer the peace of mind an electrician needs.

As with all Carl Kammerling’s extensive tool innovation, new products are not thrown together but are created as a direct result of the company’s long-standing collaboration with end users – before, during and after tool development. Working in partnership in this way ensures that Carl Kammerling is able to deliver tool solutions that are best suited to the actual work undertaken by professional tradesmen and are matched to each sector’s specific and unique requirements.

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