A recent shentongroup project showed the use of AMF panels to meet the requirements of a Bristol based IT company. The business required a cost effective relocation of their existing back up power supply. For an IT company, power continuity is of critical importance. This job required the relocation of an existing three phase generator.

The new location requirements meant that the existing three phase generator had to be modified to support the single phase load at the new site. The new site conditions meant that the generator also required adaptation to support multiple mains supply. For each mains supply you need an automated transfer switch and associated cabling, so the AMF panels can sense mains supply and start the back-up generator, in the event of a failure. 

On site there were two mains supplies to be supported, one of which was split into two, supporting a total of three separate buildings. This allowed shentongroup to use just two AMF panels, keeping costs to a minimum.