PCB Piezotronics has added a microphone pre-amplifier to its acoustic products range which can withstand the same temperature environment as the microphone capsule and operate at 120°C.

Housed with a BNC connector, the new model HT378B02 is a microphone and preamplifier that operates from ICP sensor power over a frequency range of 5Hz to 10kHz (±1dB), 3.15Hz to 20kHz (±2dB). The preamplifier was designed with the microphone in mind and works seamlessly to ensure optimum performance. The wide temperature range from -40°C to 120°C eliminates the need for high priced probe microphones.

The integral ICP pre-polarised microphone enables customers to use existing ICP input analysers and DAQs (data acquisition systems).

With a low noise floor (cartridge thermal noise) of 17dBA and dynamic range at nominal sensitivity of 135dBA (146dBA at three percent distortion), the model HT378B02 is suitable for a range of high temperature applications including engine analysis, manifold testing, transfer path analysis, exhaust pipes, HVAC and general acoustic testing in high temperature environments.

The new HT378B02 microphone and preamplifier complements the company’s range of acoustic measurement products that are designed for use in applications such as noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) testing, environmental noise analysis, sound power testing, transfer path analysis, sound pressure mapping and general noise reduction.

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