Fires are inevitable in any construction. They are many floors to a residential or commercial building, and in the situation of a fire, most people in the upper section aren’t able to escape. That is why fire safety should be in the planning strategy of a building or commercial area. And fire doors are essential in this area as they can delay fire spreading for a while and protect building residents. These are an easy escape for the residents than conventional doors and protect them from smoke as well. Here are some tips for the installation of fire doors for complete safety and fire resistance of the building and its residents:

Choose a Style

Fire doors come in all shapes and designs. You can find some readymade in the market or have the doors custom made to the building’s needs. A fire door’s design says a lot about its ability to halt fire and be easy to access by escapers. You can choose a fire door style to accent the interior or place them in alteration so that they are identifiable in case of a fire or emergency to escape.

There are different constituents including, the fire-resistant doorframe, ironmongery, hinges, glazing and smoke and gas seals and a lot more to resist fire and hold the construction in place. Both custom-made and readymade doors work fine in the situation of fire; however, a door set has everything needed to combat fire while in custom-manufacturing, some of these essential measures can be left out.


You, as the building owner, are responsible for providing a safe environment for the residents and visitors so you must invest in quality. Always choose a reliable fire door manufacturing company to safeguard your building and its residents. Reputable manufacturing companies provide testing for their doors that determine the consistency of them and their fire-resisting time period. They do this by throwing real flames on the door for particular periods to see how much they withstand. Buy and conduct fire door installation from trustworthy companies so that no lives are endangered.

Mandate Maintenance

Like any other part of a building, fire doors can damage or become less functional with time. This can make them less fire resistant and susceptible to breakage. Regular once in a year inspection is essential to ensure the reliability of the fire doors and their strength to take down any fire or smoke situation. However, once a fire door has gone through a fire event, it must be inspected right after and maintained if needed to counterattack the loss and build it again for a similar situation.

Engage Safe Fire Door Practices

Even after the best fire doors have been implemented in a building, without proper handling of them, harm can come to the building occupants. For this reason, other than finding the most solid doors and options fit for the building, certain practice should also be picked to make them work efficiently.

The doors should never be locked and always stay open for passage not only in case of fire or smoke emergency. However, the doors must have an automatic lock mechanism or manual to allow lockdown to contain the fire in the building and not let it pass the space to evacuations.