200 Watts of Peak power in 2 x 4” package

Mar 22, 2017 | UPS & Standby Power

FiDUS power announced the launch of its TPL150 series of a high efficiency, open frame AC/DC power supplies approved for both IT and Medical (BF) applications. The product offers excellent power density in a 2 x 4” package, capable of supplying 200W for 2S peak, 150W fan cooled and 120W convection cooled; making it ideal for driving non-linear loads, whilst minimising use of space in the customers application. There are seven models from 12V to 48V output and a fan supply rail of 12V @ 0.3A

The product is BF rated for applications where the end equipment may be connected to the patient. For ease of customer implementation the TPL150 meets EMC standard EN55022 level B for both conducted and radiated emissions, operates up to 5000M, with an operating temperature range of –20-70degC, giving you the best chance of passing type testing without major redesign.

The TPL150 complies with the latest safety standards UL/EN/IEC60950-1 for IT equipment and 3rd Edition medical safety ANSI/AMMI/CSA 60601-1. The product is of a high quality and we supply it with a 5 Year warranty. Free samples are available from stock ; enquire on our website or give us a call to supply you with a sample or to discuss your application in more detail.

TPL150 Datasheet

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